Tips For Protecting your Secrets.

Folder Lock® - The Fastest Encryption on Earth!

Folder Lock is a file encryption software that offers fastest way of encrypting and password protecting files and folders. You can either choose to encrypt important files from techies or lock your files, pictures and private data from casual users. Folder Lock comes with locking, encryption, shredding, stealth mode, hack attempt monitoring, portability, plug & play support, history cleaning, and more than 20 privacy features all tailored to special needs for people wanting privacy and security.

  • • Fast file encryption software
  • • 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption
  • • Encrypt files and folders of any type
  • • Encrypt data on USB drives as well

  • • Easy drag & drop file locking
  • • Password protect folders easily
  • • Lock files, folders and drives
  • • Context Menu in Explorer supported

  • • Shreds original files when encrypted
  • • Leaves no traces on your PC
  • • Prevents recovery of private data
  • • Enable/disable shredding feature

  • • File locking & file encryption software
  • • Cleans history automatically on use
  • • Protected files are hidden as well
  • • All features well suited for privacy

  • • No evidence of Folder Lock installed
  • • Remove all traces and shortcuts
  • • Press hotkey to run Folder Lock
  • • Program supports 64-bit based OS

Download Now (6.3MB)

  • • Hack Attempt Monitoring
  • • Monitor fake login attempts
  • • Shut down / logs off automatically
  • • Halts on fake password attempts

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