Airtel World Sim

New airtel world sim

What is It?

airtel presents "airtel world simTM", a unique pre-paid SIM card for international travellers that allows you to receive incoming calls on your India airtel number and still save up to 85%. You can also make outgoing calls across the world and in the country you are in at a fraction of international calling rates.

airtel world simTM can be used across 150+ countries i.e. there is no need to change your SIM for every country that you visit. You can buy the airtel world simTM while still in India and enjoy the comfort and security of staying connected 24x7 when abroad without spending a fortune.
  • get the comfort and security of being connected 24x7 from the time you land
  • spend time vacationing & not SIM hunting when you are abroad
  • no pain of informing your new international number to friends and family back home
  • Now call a local help line number in case you require customer support while travelling abroad*.
    click here  for the list of country specific local help-line numbers.
  • no need to change your SIM for every country you visit
  • get an online itemized statement with your usage details
 How To Use?

talk more pay less
To make outgoing calls, dial the country code (e.g. +91 or 0091), followed by the destination number (mobile or landline) and wait for 10–15 seconds. You will get a ring back, accept the call, you will be now connected to the destination number.
For India calling, you can use your phone book, however, please ensure that the phone    number is saved with India country code i.e. 091 or +91
To use airtel world simTM in USA and Italy, please follow the following instructions:
− Go to menu > select “sim menu” > for USA – Select “USA profile”*
    If this is not followed incoming calls will be charged in USA
− For Italy – select “prime profile”
− For all other countries – select “global profile”

To get your airtel world sim, you require:

  • Passport size photograph
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Photocopy of visa /air tickets (for countries with visa on arrival)
  • Local Address Proof - If your current address is different from the address provided in the passport, you would need to provide the following as address proof:
    Ration card / telephone bill / electricity bills

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