Get Google Online Storage For Free

 GMail Drive is a free third-party Windows Shell namespace extension ("add-on") for Google's Gmail. GMail Drive is not supported by Google. It allows a user to access a virtual drive stored in a Gmail e-mail account by causing the contents of the Gmail account to appear as a new network share on the user's workstation. In order to use this add-on, the user needs a Gmail e-mail account. The add-on enables the user to use the standard Windows desktop file copy and paste commands to transfer files to and from the Gmail account as if it were a drive on the user's computer.

You Can Download by clicking here!!!

Step1:  You Need To Create An Account In Gmail (use new mail id recommended)

Step2: Download And Install Gmail Drive

Step3: Sign In to the Gmail through the Software

 Done!!! now you can save the files to the Google server


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