How to Connect Google Plus Page With Facebook Page

Hi guys many of the visitors asking me to post a trick to add the google plus page with facebook page
 Now the time is up for posting this trick


Admin of Google Plus Page                     
Admin Of Facebook Page

What is Next?

1. Sign in to Facebook
2. Click here (link direct you to a application which help you to add Google plus page)
3.Allow User Permission
4. Select your page
5. Go to the page and now you can find a new tab google plus in left side
6.Click on the tab
7.Click configure
 8. Copy paste the Google Plus page profile Id

 Eg:  https://plus.google.com/117760811157987706815/posts (Red part of the url is the page profile Id)

 9.Click Change

Done! Now go to your Facebook page and click Google plus tab, now you can view the activities of you Google plus page inside Facebook

For Demo Page Click Here

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