Google Search Tricks And Tips

Google is the search engine giant with lot of features to search, but you’re missing out on a lot of that kind of features. Don't worry this articale defiantly help you.

Exact Words and Phrases

It is one of the most basic and useful method to search using quotations.

How to Exclude a Word in Google Search

The minus sign helps you to avoid the word in the search
Ex:- vishnuparam007 -facebook

How To Use Google For Searching Particular Site

One of the best useful method by Google which really helpful for searching a particular website which does not have search options
Ex: site: vishnuparam007.blogspot.com facebook

You Get the Search

Time Ranges

you can filter google search accrding to the period using this method
Ex: vishnuparam007 2010..2011

File Type

If you want to search a particular file you can use this method. sometimes you need pdf files
Ex: filetype:pdf google

 Word Definition

Google is also use as a dictionary for getting a word definition, meaning and how to pronounce.

Use Google As Calculator

Google is  a best calculator too
Ex: 5+5-3+4+6*2+2

Unit Conversions

Above mentioned calculator can also convert the units also.
Ex- 50gigabytes in kilobytes

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