Protect Your Facebook From Hackers

Hi Guys, Now a days Facebook becomes the ultimate target of hackers. Some of my friend's Facebook also get hacked. I think this post help you to get rid from hacking.

First You Need To Know How Facebook Account Get Hacked


This is one of the simple step of hacking who have a basic knowledge in HTML language. Majority of the account holders are hacked due to phishing. In phishing hacker create a website similar to Facebook page and host. The second step is to send the link of fake Facebook login page to you by mail or in your Facebook post. If you try to login in that page your username and password is saved  in the database of there server.

Third party software and applications

In the internet so many applications are available to hack Facebook account. Actually these software's don't have any ability to hack directly a Facebook account. These software's are actually misusing the user unawareness. Only users don't have the knowledge about these thing got trapped. Key-logger and spywares are some of the best examples.
                                 Facebook third party application is other major threat to the user. Facebook have large number of application from different unverified publishers. Using of these application can also harm your profile.

Using a public computer  

You need to take a double care while you sign in your Facebook account in a public computer or other computers you don't have trust. 

Browser Plugins

Now, all kind of internet browser have plugin support. So many plugins save your personal data like Facebook passwords etc. Only install the plugins that you have trust.

How To Protect Your Facebook From All These Threats?

1.Change your password Thrice in a month
2.Use latest browsers only, this helps you to identify phishing websites
3.Use https browsing for eg:https://www.facebook.com
4.If you are using public computers 
   *Enable Private Browsing
   *Disable plugins before you browsing
   *Clear cookies and history before you leaving.
   *Check the process running in windows task manager
5.Give access only to trusted third party Facebook apps 
6.Enable Login approval and notfications in facebook
* This feature is currently added to Facebook  This feature              helps you to get notification if somebody or you logging to Facebook  You get notified in mail or SMS.
 You can enable this feature by go to settings->Security
 Don't forget to check secure browsing also it enable https

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