Customize Your Website For Christmas

Hi guys advance happy Christmas wishes for all of you. This post is really helpful for the website owners. This post teach you how to customize your website in Christmas. This make your website more attractive and  active.

How To Add Santa Hat On Logo?

santa hat for website logoThis is the most popular way to express the Christmas wishes to your user. If the website owner have knowledge in graphic design he can do it very easily, but if the owner don't have the knowledge, kindly follow the simple steps given below

You need to create a account in siteapps

After successful log in site apps you need to copy the script to your website or blog

After placing the script you need to install app(refer the image given below)

santa hat logo install

After all these steps, kindly visit your webpage, now you can see the Santa hat logo in your website.

How to Create Snow Falling In Your Website?
snow falling

The first thing when we remember Christmas is snow falling. Create a simple snow falling in your site is best way to impress your visitors.

Steps for Snow falling

You just need to copy paste the code given below

click the box and press Ctrl+A To Select all code

How To Add Christmas Count Down Timer?

Count down timer is one of the important factor in customization. You need to place the timer in a noticeable place. Many third party websites provide count down timer

Some of the sites for count down timer is given below
For Count Down Banner: www.ult-tex.net/counts/christmas/index.cgi
For Flash Count Down Timer: www.goo.gl/sdTl3
For Flash Count Down Timer v2: www.goo.gl/RdWCs

How To Add Christmas Music In Your Website?

Adding christmas background music makes your website more active and attractive. But don't try to add huge mp3 files, it makes your website slow.

On your speaker to hear music
Copy paste the give below code
                    click the box and press Ctrl+A To Select all code

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Happy Christmas n advance

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