Facebook Hidden Smileys

hi guys this is a very interesting post for the Facebook lovers. All are familiar about the Facebook smileys and emotions. But you don't know about the Facebook hidden smileys. I am trying to introduce hidden smileys in Facebook by this post. Hope all are enjoying.


For Adding Brand Logos In Facebook Chat

Google - [[google]]
Yahoo - [[yahoo]]
facebook - [[facebook]]
windows- [[windows]]

For Adding Movie Logos In Facebook Chat

Super Man - [[superman]]
Bat man  -  [[batman]]
Avatar - [[avatar]]

For Adding Sports Logo In Facebook Chat

cricket - [[cricket]]
Football- [[football]]
tennis- [[tennis]]

For Like Button In Facebook Chat

Like - (Y)

For Your Friends Logo

First note down the username or profile id

Eg: www.facebook.com/username or www.facebook.com/1415451245521

Type [[username]] or [[1415451245521]]

To get the friends profile logo

Hope all of you enjoy this hidden tricks.
If you find any other smileys please leave a comment.

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