Windows 8 Store And Metro UI Apps Not Working

Hi, One of our user ask a help using ASK A QUESTION service in our website. How to fix windows 8 store and metro UI issues. I think all of know about windows 8 metro UI apps and store. windows new store have large number of applications that really helpful to you.  You just need to login with your windows live account to use the full features of windows 8 store.

What are the reasons which makes you store and metro UI broken?

  • Apps on metro UI cannot able to connect to internet
  • Protected Audio is turned off
  • Failed to login with Microsoft account
  • Display resolution is very low
  • You are not the administrator
  • Security settings in your desktop is changed or missing
  • User Account Control is disabled

What are issues you need to face with your store and metro UI apps?

  • Store and Metro UI apps cannot able to open
  • Store and Metro UI crashes
  • Store and Metro UI cannot able to connect to internet
  • Images and logos of apps is missing
What can i do for it?

  • You can refresh the PC
  • Download the official Microsoft troubleshooter     >>-----Download Link-----<<

You can also ask questions to our expert using ASK A QUESTION program in  our website.

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