Facebook Home Android App Is A Failure?

Hi guys all of you heard about the new Facebook Home android app. Recently i  check it out the Facebook home android app. I liked the creativity and idea used by Facebook developers used in the new Facebook Home app. Other than that it is a totally a useless one.

Why it is Useless?                                                

Eating all charges in the battery
App is too limited and simple
Not user friendly
Limited to minimum numbers of mobile phone.

How can we say it is useless?

Responses of the app users are very poor. The download ratio is too low. The rating of the Facebook Home app in android store is 2.2, which is very poor for a developer like Facebook.
only 14,000 users try to install the Facebook and majority of them uninstalled it.

Go and Check out the new Facebook Home app from Android Store Click me to Go

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