Google Reader Is Shutting Down On June 30, 2013

Hi friends this is a very sad news for the users of Google readers. Google officially announce that Google
reader is no more on the world after June 30, 2013. I found some of the site says that it is a April Fool from the Google, But we are sorry to say that it is not the April Fool from Google.

What is Google Reader?

Google Reader is a App created by Chris Wetherell launched on October 7, 2005. User can able to read the feeds of there interested sites with out visiting the website.

What happening to Google Reader Currently?

We also don't know the proper reason for the discontinuation of Google Reader.

What to do next, if your are Google Reader user?

If you are Google reader user, immediately backup your data from it. you can move your feeds to Google Takeout or you can select the feedly.com. As per the report from feedly, 3,000,000 Google readers switch to feedly.com.

Please take a look to the screenshot of Google Reader
Google Reader Is Shutting Down On June 30, 2013
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