How To Share And Change IP Address Of PPP Adapter

Hi friends, If you are using PPP connections, for example you are using a USB Internet modem directly from a mobile operator and wish to share the internet to other computers, kindly read this post. I am using MTS USB INTERNET MODEM and i need to share the internet to other computers. Steps given below is  based on my  MTS USB INTERNET MODEM, if you are using any other you need to change the settings like access point number , username and password. If you have any questions regarding this please comment , hope we can make a solution for that.

Steps to Share  PPP Adapter                                          

First you need to go software of USB MODEM.

Check the settings and note down the access number, username and password. Disconnect internet connection from the software.

Go to network and sharing center and Click Change Adapter Settings

Find out is there any adapter for USB MODEM, if yes go to step

Otherwise you need to create one by go back to Network and Sharing Center And click Set up a new connection or network.
Click connect to the internet

Click Dial up connection.

Select you modem

Provide the information of your connection which is note it down from modem software settings.
and click connect.

Now it's start connecting to the remote server of ISP.

If the information provided by you is correct the connection established with out showing any errors,

Go the Network and Sharing Center And Click change adapter settings, now you can see a new adapter is created.

Right click on adapter and select properties.

Click the sharing tab

check the Allow other network users to connect through this computer internet connection

click ok, now you get some messages click ok to all.
You Are Done, You internet connection is shared.

Steps to Edit IP Address Of  PPP Adapter                                          

if you want to change the IP adapters of ppp adapter right click and select the properties of the adapter.
Select the networking tab and click Internet protocol version 4
 Click Use the following ip address and give the ip address what you need.

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