How To Get Back Facebook Old Classic Look

How To Get Back Facebook Old Classic Look
hi guys many of the Facebook users asked me to put a post for making there Facebook look old.  After a long research i found only this kind of a trick, because Facebook officially don't allow there user to switch back to the old interface.

If you wish to go back to the old interface of Facebook. Please follow the simple steps given below.

For Google Chrome Users

  • Go to Google Chrome Store and find User Agent Switcher Or click here to go directly

  • Install the Extension

  • After the Successful Installation User Agent Switcher, click the icon of User Agent Switcher which appears on the top bar of Google Chrome.

How To Get Back Facebook Old Classic Look

  • Now Click on Internet Explorer and Select the Internet Explorer 6.0.

  • Go to Facebook, You are Done! Your Facebook Interface switch back to old Facebook Classic look.

For Mozilla Firefox Users

  • If you are Mozilla Firefox user Go to Addons.

  • Search for User agent Switcher and install the first Addon appears on the search. If you find difficult to find it click here to download directly.

  • After the successful installation of Addon try the remaining steps as shown above in Google Chrome steps.

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