Samsung Introducing Samsung Knox

Samsung Introducing Samsung Knox
Samsung introducing Samsung Knox a new solution for work and play. The main goal of Samsung Knox to make your smartphone secure with out interrupting you privacy.

Main Features Of Samsung Knox

  • Platform Security
  • Application Security
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Knox For Enterprises
Platform Security
Platform Security consists of three layer of security Customizable Secure Boot, ARM Trust Zone and Kernel with build-in SE for Android.

Secure Boot ensure helps your smartphone to verify and ensure only authorized and verified application can run on the smartphone.

Trust zone keep monitoring the Linux kernel and check the integrity of kernel and boot loader is violated. If it is violated it takes police-driver action. If it fails to work kernel power down the device.

New SE For Android helps the device to reduce the tampering and bypassing the application mechanism  This cut off the amount of damages can be happened with malwares and other kind of untrusted applications.

Application Security

Application security secure your enterprise level of use in the smartphones by isolating the enterprise application and encrypt your enterprise data.

Mobile Device Management

Samsung Knox introduced new layer of device management in your smartphones.

Samsung Knox For Enterprises

Helps to protect the enterprise data from malwares, malicious attacks and leakages. Introducing Dual-persona platform which helps to use your phones for work and for fun and it also have the ability to create VPN connection.

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