Google Introducing Google Loon

Hey, Google reviles there new project Google Loon.

What is Google Loon Project?

Google Loon is a new project from the Google to ensure all the people around the globe get the Internet Connectivity. Only one third of people in the globe have the access to Internet. What's the remaining? Here come Google Loon.

How this project works?

Hi-tech WiFi Balloons are the hero of this project. It is designed by Google which released to the
atmosphere. These balloons will sailing around the world from the top of our  spheres. These balloons can controlled from the Google stations on the earth. Solar panel on the balloons give power for the working.

Status Of the Project? (as per 16.06.2013)

Google released  30 Hi-tech WiFi balloons to the top of New Zealand's South Island for trial purpose.

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