How To View 3D Movies And Videos In Your PC

Hi Friends, Here i am posting interesting and amazing trick to view 3d movies and videos in your pc with out a non 3D monitor. You don't need to waste lot of money to purchase 3D tv or monitor to watch 3D videos. This trick explains step by step to view 3D movies and videos in any kind of Monitor.

Requirments For 3D

1. You Need A Computer ( This works on any kind of monitor, LCD, LED and even CRT Also.)

2. You Need Latest KMPLAYER   Click Here to Download

3. You Need A 3D Glass     Click here to purchase online

4. You Need  3D Video  Click here for 3D videos

Steps For Watching 3D Videos

1.   First You need to purchase a 3D glasses from online store or from near by shop.
2.   Download and install KM Player from above mentioned link
3.   Download 3D videos from YouTube or any other sites, YouTube link is given above.

4.  I think you are ready with these requirements, Now open the 3D video with KM Player and Select 3D          button on the bottom of KM Player.

Done! Put Your 3D Glasses And Enjoy The 3D

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