gfe_rd=cr&ei Mystery Url From Google

Hi Readers, Happy new year to all of you. Hope 2015 is great.  I am just posting small information about the Google new mystery url.  gfe_rd=cr&ei Oops Google got mad, no its just a cookie based link which helps Google to redirect you based on your country.
Take a look to the below given image to know what the link means.

In the first portion of the url gfe_rd=cr&ei helps Google to redirect visitors to country based home page and the second section gws_rd=ssl of the url helps Google to redirect the  visitors from http protocol to https secure protocol.

How To Hide This Google Mysterious URL?

Simple, go to your broswer settings and change the homepage to


Adding https in the link will remove gws_rd=ssl  and ncr  (no country redirect)  will remove gfe_rd=cr&ei. Now you can access Google with clean url.

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